Adventures in coffee and beer!

We are a young couple living in Paris.
Junn has been a barista for pretty much her whole adult life, pouring caffeinated drinks in many different places before stepping up her game to join the third wave coffee scene.
Arnaud has been a beer enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He picked up homebrewing as a  hobby a while ago and he is willing to sample anything malty or hoppy whenever he’s not busy brewing up a storm in a tiny kitchen!

We have found ourselves geeking so much into our respective fields of interest, that it became impossible for them not to overlap. This was the point where we got amazed by how similar, yet different, the worlds of craft beer and specialty coffee are – especially in a city where the craft culture is expanding quickly below the radar.

This blog will be our humble attempt to document our journeys into each other’s passion, with a special interest on where paths meet, because we believe that beer and coffee together can be much more than a simple combination. That’s right, in this case 1+1=3!
So this is it: a beer guy discovers specialty coffee and a barista dives into craft beer. Let’s brew!